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Lash Correction


Have you experienced lash damage after having lash extensions? Did you just have your lashes done and they feel heavy, or painful? Are your lashes stuck together and you can't seem to get them off? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then chances are you are a victim of improper lash extensions! Don't worry! Your lashes can still be saved! You need to book a lash correction. 


Lash Correction is a service where I fix improper lash extensions because the best part of what I do is making sure you have healthy, beautiful lashes. Being in Los Angeles, there are a lot of lash technicians available, however a lot of these "technicians" are not certified, licensed, properly trained or even sanitary. This results in women having a negative

experience with lash extensions, and they start believing that this service damages your natural lashes.


Here at Lee Madison Artistry, I prioritize your natural lash health, which means you can wear lashes comfortably for years without damage. I am a double certified Master Lash Stylist, and the most important thing to me is your health and well being. In my many years of being a lash stylist, I've seen and fixed so many women's lashes, and I want to make sure you have the best experience with lashes, because they are an amazing service! Let's get your lashes back on track to being healthy and happy with my signature service, the Lash Correction. 


Step 1: The Consultation 

The first step of the Lash Correction, is to have a consultation, where I assess your lashes and the damage involved. This is where we talk about what the problem is, and what our game plan will be so we can get your lashes back on track. I want to know what you made you unhappy with your previous service and what your hopes and dreams are for your lashes. 


Step 2: The Removal

The next step in the Lash Correction is to remove any remaining lashes and/or old adhesive from your previous service. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, it just depends. I use a sensitive adhesive remover, that dissolves and loosens old adhesive, so that the lash extensions will slide off, leaving your natural lash unharmed. To minimize any further damage, I am extra gentle and take my time, so that you are the most comfortable. 


Step 3: Regenerate Growth

After a successful removal, there is most likely lash damage from the previous extensions. Lash damage can look like broken lashes, gaps where there aren't any lashes, or excessive lash shedding. I will assess your lashes and recommend a lash growth serum. Then we decide on a length of time (usually 2 to 6 weeks) for your lashes to regenerate and have a breather, before putting extensions on again. Everyone's lashes are different and grow at different rates, so we will monitor your lash growth until your lashes are healthy enough to sustain lash extensions again. This is the part of the process where you have to be patient, but gorgeous, healthy lashes are so worth it!


Step 4: New Full Set


The final and most anticipated step of the lash correction. Finally, after achieving healthy lashes, we can apply gorgeous lash extensions. A full set of your choosing, classic, hybrid, or volume. This full set will be expertly applied, and keeping your natural lash health in mind. Never worry about lash damage again, as I will always keep your lashes at their best, so you can keep lashing comfortably, for years to come. Hello Gorgeous!

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